The Ultimate Guide to Day Hikes from Jyrgalan in Kyrgyzstan

I spent 3 summers living and working in Jyrgalan and personally have walked every single trail in the valley. Here’s my guide to the best day hikes from Jyrgalan.


During Soviet times the village was very prosperous due to its coal mine, which provided many jobs to the local population.

虽然一些当地人仍然亲切地将村庄称为“ shaktar”(俄罗斯的“我的矿山”),但自苏联倒台以来,该矿山已经关闭,导致许多人放弃了该村寻找新作品。

Today Jyrgalan is a sleepy village, full of charm and friendly welcoming people. The kind of place people go to spend a few days and end up staying a week.


吉尔加兰(JyrgalanKeskenkija循环,Boz-Uchuk Lakes,最近Bulak-Ashuu湖.

Day Hikes From Jyrgalan
Views over the village, as seen on one of the best day hikes from Jyrgalan.

The Best Jyrgalan Day Hikes

Fortunately for those without the time or inclination for a multi-day trek, the village offers a number of beautifully scenic one-day hikes suitable for all abilities.


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Char Jon Panorama

  • Distance:16km (approx 6-7 hours)
  • Altitude gain/loss:800m

Char Jon is the peak to the north of Jyrgalan. While it’s a reasonably strenuous hike up it offers one of the best views in the local area.


This trek starts from the upper section of the Jyrgalan Village.

From the houses here you will see a ridge with some electricity poles going up towards a small building (cell tower).



After around 150m climbing this steep section flattens out, congratulations you have reached the summit!


东部是Kok Bel Pass和Black Nose Peak。在南部,吉尔加兰山谷和村庄。

If the weather is very clear you can even seeIssyk Kulon the horizon to the west.

From the peak, the quickest way back to Jyrgalan village is via the ridge you came up.

However, a more scenic and enjoyable route is to descend via a small lake called Turnaluu Kol.

From the peak head down along the ridge to the north.

The lake is to the east, but hidden behind some trees and will only come into view once you get a little further down the ridge.


There are many possible routes down to the lake from the ridge.

The most direct route is often very wet and boggy, particularly in the early part of the trekking season.



This makes a nice place to stop for lunch (better than the peak which can be a little uncomfortable due to wind).

From this picnic area continue along the trails going away from the lake.


Char Jon Panorama
Gorgeous views from the Char Jon Panorama day hike.

Turnaluu Kol

  • Distance:11km (approximately 4-5 hours)
  • Altitude gain/loss:4500m

虽然我们建议将Tollauu Kol与Char Jon Panorama结合起来,以获得最佳的一日游体验,但如果您正在寻找更短,更容易的远足,则可以参观湖泊。

From the school take the road heading out the village toward the main road.

Cross over the bridge and go up to the road and turn left.

After around 30m walking on the road take the trails on your right going away from the village in a north-easterly direction.



最终,大约3个小时后,您将到达Tollauu Kol,该Kol译为“ Crane Lake”,以每年春季迁移到该地区的鸟类命名。

While the best opportunities to see the cranes are in Spring, sometimes they can be still be seen in July.

Other birds, including eagles, can be seen at any time.

It is worth continuing along the trail to the east end of the lake. Here the trail rises a little providing a nice viewpoint.

If you want to eat lunch at the lake there are some logs at the west end of the lake which can be used as benches.

Return to Jyrgalan via the same route taken to the lake.

Turnaluu KolLake
Turnaluu KolLake.

Eki-Chat Yurt Camp

  • Distance:14km (approximately 5 hours)
  • Altitude gain/loss:500米

Eki-Chat yurt camp is the best Jyrgalan day hike for those looking to see Kyrgyz culture and experience the beautiful Jyrgalan Valley.

Be aware that this route is the same as the first 1/2 day of most of the multi-day treks, so if you plan to do one of them you should probably pick one of the other day hikes from Jyrgalan.

The trek begins at the southern end of Jyrgalan village.

Cross the bridge over to the east side of the Jyrgalan River and take the steep dirt trails heading up towards the electricity pylon.

From these trails, you will be able to see a wooden stage used for J-Fest, the annual summer festival held each August in Jyrgalan.


这些轮胎构成了Kok-Boru的喀山(目标),traditional Kyrgyz horse sport played with a headless goat carcass.

At the top of the trails you can see a big rock to the south. This rock is named Tulpar Tash (Horse Rock).

This rock is famous due to being mentioned in the legendary story of the Kyrgyz hero, Manas.

There is little traffic on this road. It is mainly just used for transporting yurts to and from the jailoos (high pasture areas) at the beginning and end of summer.

有时,当地的牛奶卡车使用这条赛道将库米斯(Kumys)带来了库米(Kumys) - 流行的吉尔吉斯(Kyrgyz)饮料发酵母马牛奶 - 在村庄出售。

After 7km walking from Jyrgalan, you will reach Eki-Chat, a small jailoo with a collection of yurts.


If you are lucky you might be invited into a yurt for some tea and kumys.

This yurt camp is the final point of the trek and most people turn around here.

However, if you arrive early and would like a longer trek you can continue further up the Jyrgalan Valley.


Return via the same route you came.


passi后ng Tulpar Tash head towards the electricity pylon.

Below this pylon is the steep dirt trails you began the day on.

Be careful, if the weather has been wet these trails can be slippery, and a better option is to continue on the jeep road which will take you a slightly longer, but flatter, and more comfortable route back to the village.

Eki Chat Yurt Camp Jyrgalan
Eki Chat Yurt Camp,距离Jyrgalan仅几步之遥。


  • Distance:12公里(大约3.5-4小时)
  • Altitude gain/loss:450m

This is perhaps the easiest Jyrgalan day hike. The route is well marked and easy to follow, and there is little uphill with no steep sections.

Be careful if using地图as there are two Kok-Bel waterfalls on the map. The correct one is east of the village.

To get to the waterfall take the main road heading out of Jyrgalan.

After seeing the “Welcome to Jyrgalan” sign and crossing the river take the road to the right heading east.


This mine was an important source of coal during the Soviet times, when approximately 5000 people lived in Jyrgalan, but has not been in use since.

Keep following the road, which eventually crosses back across the river, and into a small valley with another coal mine.

这里的煤矿是仍在使用today, operated as a very small scale operation by a few of the villagers.

passi后ng the mine the road begins to fade. Continue along the right side of the river, picking the most obvious trail.

As you continue along the river the valley narrows into a canyon and the surface becomes rockier.

At some points it’s necessary to cross the river, which is easily done, to get on better trails.


The waterfall is 20m high, making it the biggest in the local area.

It’s possible to go all the way to the base of the waterfall, however the very last section requires some very easy scrambling.

Be aware that this waterfall is seasonal, and by the end of August may be dry.

You can check current conditions in the Destination Jyrgalan Office prior to setting off.

Kok Bel Waterfall
Kok Bel Falls在Jyrgalan村附近。

Day Hikes from Jyrgalan – Tips and Information

Here’s a bit more information to help you plan your travels and hiking in Jyrgalan village.


Marshrutka编号331每天从卡拉科尔的Ak-Tilek Bazaar(08:30、11:30和17:30)离开3次。

It is best to arrive around 30mins prior to departure as the bus is usually full, with those arriving later having to stand.

Marshrutka number 331 returns to Karakol from Jyrgalan at 07:30, 11:30, and 16:30.


A taxi costs around $25 each way and takes around 1.15 hours.

Accommodation in Jyrgalan

It is possible to do any of the treks in this article as a day trip from Karakol.


For a more relaxed experience, or for those looking to do more than one hike, there is a range of accommodation.

所有住宿的价格和可用性都可以在Booking.comwebsite, which can also be used to make reservations.




Independent vs Guided Hikes

All of the Jyrgalan day hikes in this article can be completed independently.


If you would prefer to complete the hike with a guide you can arrange this through Destination Jyrgalan ([email protected]).

Turnaluu Kol
Lovely views and a lonely horse near Turnaluu Kol.

Horse Trekking in Jyrgalan

除了Kok Bel Waterfall徒步旅行外,这些路线也可以在马背上完成。

To organise horse riding contact Destination Jyrgalan at least 24 hours in advance.

What Do I Need for the Day Hikes in Jyrgalan?

There are no permits or technical equipment needed for any of these particular treks in Jyrgalan.



  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Food/snacks
  • 水proof jacket/trousers
  • Map (either electronic or paper copy).

When to Go to Jyrgalan



Temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius are common, so suitable clothing for very cold weather is necessary.

As trails are covered by snow, it is best to take a guide to show you the route.

Things to Know Before You Go

Weather in the mountains can change quickly, even during summer storms are possible.

Forecasts for this area are not always accurate. Be prepared for any type of weather.


While this is a good tool for general navigation, some of the routes are not 100% correct.

How Difficult are the Jyrgalan Day Hikes?


That said from the treks listed below Char Jon Panorama is the most challenging and Kok-Bel Waterfall the easiest.

Approximate times to complete each hike are listed based on the speed of an average hiker.

If you are a fast or slow hiker you may need to change the time accordingly.

Further Questions?

If you have further questions about day hikes in the area you can contact Destination Jyrgalan by email ([email protected]).

If you are already in Jyrgalan you can visit their office inside Ala Kol Guesthouse.

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