Jyrgalan – Our Favourite Place in Kyrgyzstan

吉尔吉斯斯坦已经是冒险旅游业的下一件大事,,,,and after our fourth visit there, we have finally foundour favourite place in the entire country, Jyrgalan.

Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan


From our first visit we knew this country was special. Over the next few years we returned time and time again, with each moment further cementing Kyrgyzstan’s place in our hearts.

It’s not just one experience, or one destination, or one element, that has made this mountainous, Central Asian nation one of our absolute favourites.

It’s the entire collective emotions we feel whenever we walk through the streets of Bishkek, wander deep into the mountains or are welcomed into someone’s home.


Come visit Jyrgalan with us on our latestphotography and adventure Kyrgyzstan tour

Hidden away in the far-eastern part of the country, close to the border of哈萨克斯坦and only an hour from卡拉科尔,,,,is the captivating Jyrgalan Valley.

Snowmelt rivers carve their way between jagged peaks and alpine lakes sit calmly amongst undulating pastures.


In the heart of it all lies a village of 1000 people. Brick and timber houses are scattered around, often with wooden barns between their neighbours.


People call you into their homes, feeding you cup after cup of fresh chai. If it’s after lunch the vodka or cognac will probably make an appearance, and before too long you’ll find yourself sitting on the floor singing along to Russian and Kyrgyz folk songs with your new best friends.

吉尔加兰村(Jyrgalan Village)是“田园”的定义。

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An old timber barn, set against an impossibly beautiful backdrop of forested mountains.

The first time we arrived in Jyrgalan, back in 2016, there was only一个小旅馆run by the hospitable owners Emil and Gulmira, and there no set activities. It was really the wild west, in a country already off the beaten path.

We headed off into the mountains on a new trail called theBoz Uchuk Trek,不敢相信那些等待着勇敢的旅行者探索的辉煌。

On our return in 2017 there are now 6 guesthouses, new hiking trails, horse treks and even mountain biking routes being developed.

The American international development agencyUSAID BGI见过Jyrgalan旅游业的潜力,一个d had poured considerable funds into its growth and infrastructure.

我们帮助标记了全新的Keskenkija Loop,,,,visited new yurt stays, spent many more days with the locals, and marvelled at the improvements happening around Jyrgalan.

Today there are even more adventure activities you can do, from exploring fantasticday hikes from Jyrgalan,甚至攻击全新的Bulak Ashuu Lakes Trek

From being an obscure village that didn’t even feature on Google Maps, to being the next up-and-coming adventure destination in the country, Jyrgalan is a town on the rise.

我们亲眼目睹了可持续的好处le tourism can bring to a small village.

When we lived in Phong Nha in Vietnam, home to the world’s biggest cave, we made friends with countless locals who had gone from living in one-room shacks to developing tour companies, guest houses, restaurants and bars. Tourism has allowed the local people to send their kids to school, build safer houses and provide for their families.


It’s the scenery that will first bring travellers to the Jyrgalan Valley, but it is the village and the people that live there that will make people fall in love with this charming oasis in the paradise of Kyrgyzstan.



We have put together a few of our favourite photos from Jyrgalan Village to give you an idea of just how quaint, picturesque, simple and gorgeous life is in our favourite place in Kyrgyzstan.

A man walks through downtown Jyrgalan on a typical weekday. There’s no traffic to worry about here.
Gulmira Emil Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
Boy Horse Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
Horses are still the primary mode of transport for the locals to get into the mountains. Life would not be the same without them, and they are treated like family. Here a young boy stops to pose for a photo for us while he walking by.
An old cattle truck parked up in the village. You can see these Soviet trucks all over Kyrgyzstan.
One of the beautiful couples in Jyrgalan, who have just opened a new guesthouse. This village will be booming in the next few years and it’s exciting to see how tourism is directly benefiting the local people.
Yurt Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
A young girl wipes her eyes at Alakol Guesthouse. The kids of Jyrgalan are absolutely adorable, and love practicing their English with tourists.
Cows Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
One thing you’ll see a lot of in Jyrgalan are cows. They are literally everywhere, and often walk into people’s yards.
Blue House Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
Wizard Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
The Wizard of Jyrgalan! This sweet old man is a bit of an icon in the village. You’ll find him walking the streets, checking on livestock and chatting to anyone who stops to listen.
Horse Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
Man Waving Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
This is the only kind of traffic jam you’ll experience in this village – locals herding their sheep and cows.
Mosque Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
With Kyrgyzstan being a predominantly Muslim country (although far from strict), you will see mosques in every town or village.
Ladies Cooking Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
The ladies of Alakol Guesthouse preparing another delicious meal for their visitors.
Cemetery Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
Home Jyrgalan Village Kyrgyzstan
Jyrgalan - 我们在吉尔吉斯斯坦最喜欢的地方!


The village of Jyrgalan is located about 60km to the east of Karakol, the large town near the shores of Issyk Kul.


You have two options when researching how to get to Jyrgalan village – you can either hire a private car from Bishkek or Karakol or take a marshrutka from Karakol.

Marshrutkas are the large, Soviet-era vans you see bouncing around the country that act as public transport. As large buses aren’t common outside of Bishkek or Osh, this is your best way to get around.

他们从Ak-Tilek市场的Derbishev和Aldashev的交叉路口离开,在上午8.30,上午11.30和4.30 PM出发,费用为每人80公斤(1.15美元)。如果您想乘坐出租车,可以通过Salam Taxi(+996 3922 52222)组织它,最多4人将花费1300公斤(19美元)。

We recommend stopping by theDestination Karakoloffice, next door to Fat Cat Cafe, to get more information. They can confirm details on the marshrutkas, or they can organise transport, accommodation and trekking options from right there in town.

Once you’re in Jyrgalan make sure you drop by the目的地Jyrgalan DMO(位于埃米尔(Emil)和古尔米拉(Gulmira)经营的阿拉科尔旅馆(Alakol Guesthouse),以了解新开发的令人惊叹的活动和景点。

If you want to email the tourism office before your visit, this is the contact:[email protected]

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  1. Thank you for sharing so nice small village, Jyrgalan instead of metropols. ıt attracts me. the nature , animals and people seems real. I mean I feel the livings there. Wish you nice and enjoyable trips.

    • Thank you so much. The nature here is stunning

  2. 嗨,感谢您分享您的旅行故事以及从上述照片中,我敢肯定,Jyrgalan是我必须走的地方之一。我相信,一旦我去过那里,我会得到一个和平的思想。

  3. 这确实是一个有趣的地方,拥有丰富的自然美景。如果您也曾在Bishkek曾经是Alaa-Too Square。我肯定会下定决心去拜访比什凯克!我喜欢Krygstan的每张照片,它是令人惊叹且真正美丽的地方。

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    • Thanks so much Junior! Glad you are finding some inspiration from our blog. You’ll absolutely love Kyrgyzstan. Please make sure you head out to Jyrgalan! It really is such an amazing place. All the best and happy travels