The Art of Hanging Out in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

There’s definitely an art to hanging out in Kyrgyzstan, and it starts with enjoying the best cafes in Bishkek and kicking back in style.




Bishkek was different.

The capital ofKyrgyzstanitself didn’t seem to have a lot going on, with the main attractions being the superb mountains surrounding the city.

There was the mandatory National Museum, a few monuments, a leafy park here and there and a good restaurant scene. Perhaps you could even call Bishkek sleepy. This suited us just fine.

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay
A nice little park in the middle of Bishkek.

We first arrived in Bishkek to get our Tajikistan visa, and left pretty promptly once we acquired it.


Being on the road for this long we’re starting to feel one of the长期旅行的诅咒again, and not get impressed easily.


Rather than rush in at the last minute, we thought we would make the most of the civilised capital and catch up on work.


Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay
A leafy pathway through downtown Bishkek.

Tree lined streets and leafy parks create a nice juxtaposition with the traditional Soviet-style buildings that dominate places like the museum and university.

南织机在每一个冰雪覆盖的山峰rooftop, hinting at the wonders that lie just a few kilometres away. Youthful, good-looking students briskly walk the streets, on their way to class, cafes or whatever it is there is to do in Bishkek.

The atmosphere is pleasant. Even the traffic is hardly worrisome. Marshutkas can get you to just about every corner of the city for only 10 som, and do so briskly.


We started to find our favourite places to drink coffee and take advantage of the fast wifi, and when the afternoon rolled around we would trade the piping hot brews for cheap draft beer.

Bishek was relaxing and unhurried – everything we want in a city.

Street Artist Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay

一个晚上,我们设法在国家队和塔吉克斯坦之间捕捉了世界杯预选赛足球比赛。我们简直不敢相信我们的运气,并加入了一个兴奋的团队Apple Hostel(best hostel in Bishkek by the way) to check out the game.

Cost for a ticket right next to the “fan boys section”: 200 som – about $3. The crowd was loud and proud, but also respectful.

It may have had something to do with the thousands of police and army personnel that were in the stadium and around the streets, but we’d like to think it is just because the Kyrgyz people are awesome.

Kyrgyzstan vs Tajikistan in a World Cup Qualifier match. For the record, the game ended in a draw at 2-2.


当然,我们去了博物馆(相当强度resting for an hour), walked around the parks, said hello to the statue or Lenin and spent a few hours chatting to students who wanted to practice their English.


And while we are never in a rush to visit another city, the next time we find ourselves in Kyrgyzstan we might just find an excuse to stop off in Bishkek for a few days, or weeks, more.

更新:So it turns out we have found ourselves back in Bishkek, and it is as pleasant as ever! The number of cafes have grown, there are more international restaurants than before and the wifi is lightning fast! We’ll be hanging out here for a while longer…

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay


So what did we mainly do in Bishkek?? Naturally we made the most of the good food and coffee available and spent the majority of our time sitting in cafes sipping lattes and tapping our feet to good music.


Chicken Star Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay
Chicken Star!

Chicken Star

在哪里:Erkindik 36, Between Toktogula & Kievskaya

This Korean chicken restaurant only opened in April 2015, and the owner has been working hard to make it one of the best cafes and restaurants in Bishkek.

Chicken Star至少我们可以说,仍然没有发现外籍人士社区发现,但是他们享用美味佳肴和美味咖啡的声誉迅速增长。

One of the highlights is the variety of coffee beans available and their funky ways of brewing it. The staff are super friendly, the location is pretty good and you feel welcome the moment you walk in.

It’s not the cheapest place in town, but is worth the extra few som in our opinion. And unlike most of the cafes that play top 40 or jazz music, Chicken Star busts out original gangster rap and modern hip hop. Mix it up!

Update: Chicken Star has now moved but is as awesome as ever! Check the new address above.


在哪里:Manas and Chuy


美食has some delectable sandwiches and soups, and the coffee was even better than we could have expected. It is small with only a handful of tables inside, so has a cool, cozy feeling about it.

美食was also the cheapest of the three cafes for a latte. Caffeine fix please!


在哪里:Multiple Locations, but we hung out at Manas 57/1, near Chuy

Sierrais a bit of an institution in Bishkek, and everyone, whether it is locals, expats, travellers or students, ends up in one of their cafes at one point or another.


Adriano Coffee

在哪里:Multiple locations, but we chilled at Isanov Street near Chuy.

We just found out about this place on our latest visit to Bishkek and are glad we did.

实际上,我正在用Adriano Coffee更新这篇文章,这是我很长一段时间以来最美味的拿铁之一(费用:120 SOM !!!!)。


不是世界上最明亮的地方,而是完成一些工作的完美之处。感谢Stephen Lioy的Monk Bought Lunchfor the tip!

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay

Where To Stay In Bishkek

Apple Hostel

Also known as Apple Hostel, we first found Bishkek B&B based on the recommendation of some friends. We’ve always preferred word-of-mouth suggestions rather than online reviews, so we booked ourselves in for a stopover on the way to Kazakhstan. It was so good we returned for our last five nights.


Bishkek B&B has only been open since 2015, but already it is filling up based solely on word-of-mouth from customers. The rooms are bright and clean, the bathrooms spotless, there is a large common room to socialise and have a few beers and a cheap restaurant next door. Breakfast is included and they have both private and dorm rooms.

But by far the best thing about Bishkek B&B is Aigul and her staff. Aigul is the manager, and is one of the coolest people you will ever meet! A local Kyrgyz lady who has travelled a bunch herself, she knows exactly what backpackers want.


When we were there almost all the guests were returning customers – a sure sign of just how awesome Bishkek B&B is.

We’ll be back to Bishkek one day, and when we do come back we’ll be hanging out at Bishkek B&B. You should do the same!

Address:Western Bus Station, Bishkek
Email:[email protected]
Phone:0553 280 881

Bishkek B&Amp;B Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay Best Hostel

Bishkek B&Amp;B Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay Best Hostel
Comfy beds at the Bishkek B&B.

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Things To Do Best Cafes Where To Stay

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  1. This blog is just beautiful as i found important info about Bishkek in very concise format. I am travelling to kyrgyzstan from New Delhi for 2 weeks only and was thinking how many days should i stay in Bishkek to explore it well in all aspects and what other cities i must go in kyrgyzstan ?

    Is these hostels safe regarding theft? That’s the only thing i am afraid of if my expensive gadgets is there and i am out exploring the city.

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  2. I am happy I found your article In a few weeks, I am heading to Central Asia for 6 months at least, so I was wondering which city would be best to use as a base and to work from. Bishkek sounds like the perfect place: Pretty quite but, at the same time, with a good level of social life. Is there any other city would you recommend staying? And how expensive is Bishkek compared to other Central Asian capitals? Cheers,

    • 我们会推荐Bishkek。我们也确实在哈萨克斯坦访问了阿拉木图,但在比什凯克感到更舒适和定居。您那里有许多咖啡店,很棒的餐厅,食品商店和外籍人士网络。有很多方法可以结识当地人并参与活动。我们有很多朋友,当地和外国人。您可以轻松离开城市并远足。他们有一个很棒的公共汽车(公交车)时间表和一个应用程序,还可以告诉您城市周围的路线。出发和便宜的好方法。在所有中亚,吉尔吉斯斯坦对我们来说更便宜。一切顺利。

  3. In Bishkek’re right this internet is blazing fast. Coming from 5 months in Asia and India this city has been an absolute breath of fresh air. The fruit is exquisitive. Thanks for the read.

    • We are so glad you have a great time in Bishkek. Definitely the fruits are amazing. Happy travels

  4. Hi Lesh and Jazza, cool article here and greetings from the same city and the same hostel. I’m backpacking in Bishkek this week!

    • Cheers Jonny! Enjoy Bishkek, and say hi to Aigul to for us Where to next?